Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Cliché After Another

This is my first blog, and I don't want to sound cliché, but after filling out the profile here with mundane things like "About me," I am not responsible for how bad my writing gets. This blog is going to be about my observations. Life, mental illness, Earth religions, poetry, book reviews, and rants will be found here. Am I supposed to pick one topic? Oops, I suppose I am not prepared to specialize yet. I'd prefer to approach this blog as if it were my own magazine on life.
I hope that I don't destroy my reputation in any way which will make me unemployable (insert sarcasm here). I am not ashamed to have a mental illness (bipolar disorder), nor am I ashamed to be an Earth religionist. If society wants to discriminate against me based on these facts than I will fight the stigmas associated with them by shouting it from the depths of the blogoshphere (where few may be likely to hear me). If you have hateful comments of your own, keep them to yourself. I will have no problem cyber-smacking you back. I do not discriminate based on someone's religion or other affiliations, but do not abide bigotry or stupidity either.
I have little to no experience with blogging, and no technical prowess, so please bear with me. Let me know if I violate some secret blogger's code. Etiquette is important to me. You wouldn't think so with the above disclaimer of cyber-smacking, but I edited out at least one four letter word.
I am a writer, and would love freelance opportunities. My interests are quite varied, and I am willing to research just about any topic and write about it, as readers of my blog will soon discover.

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